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New Cabinets or New Doors, Drawer Fronts with a New Look to the Cabinet Face and Sides

Not all cabinets are made the same way. It seems that the industry has been leading us down a path to lower and lower quality cabinets over the past twenty years. Particle board cabinets seem to be the norm and with more manufacturers and suppliers now using medium density fiber board to make their doors and drawer fronts instead of wood or more durable products. Homeowners will be making an investment in their kitchen regardless of the price point. Using lower quality products, or painting over the existing cabinets may gain you a few years of enjoyment. But quickly, there will be chips in the paint and the dirt and grime will start to show.

At Kitchen Restylers, we offer you a Permanent Solution against chipping paint, fading paint, and grime and smudges. Why spend a lot of money on materials that will ultimately look used and dirty in a just a few years when you can choose Kitchen Restylers and your cabinets will look as good in 10 years as the day installed. 

In-house Countertop Fabrication and Installation

How do we save you money if we are providing the highest quality, longest lasting cabinet products? Most of the cabinets we see in homes are made to the same or better standards than most new cabinets today. Your cabinets have “good bones” in most cases. There is no need to pay for the time and expense of replacing your entire cabinets only to receive a lower quality replacement.

At Kitchen Restylers, we can remove your existing doors and drawer fronts and replace with a higher quality, more durable replacement that will last a lifetime. We will change the look of your cabinets by refacing them, or what we call restyling, with a new look.

There are plenty of options you can add to your renovation if you wish including new soft-close drawer boxes, slide-out shelves, lazy susan’s, and more. This enables us to complete the project in days, not months which saves you time, creates less mess, and ultimately you get a better-quality product at a lower price. 

New Backsplash (Tile, & Others)

A design consultant will bring the showroom to you and we have appointments available during the weekday, in the evening, and on Saturday to make it convenient for you to schedule a day and time to have us out to your home. The design consultant will listen to what you want to have done, review options with you, and then show you colors, hardware, and other items for you to make your selections.

This can all be done in your home in a short period of time. If you can make your selections, the representative will provide you with an exact price, not an estimate, so when the time comes you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Installed in as little as 4-5 DAYS

You may have seen our advertisements stating that we can update the look of your kitchen in as little as two days. There is no catch so to speak. Some projects are completed in two days.

The time it takes to renovate your kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen and the scope of work. For instance, we may be only restyling the cabinets of a small kitchen. That project can be completed in only two days. Larger restyles and projects that include new drawer boxes, or slide out shelves, countertops, sinks, and backsplashes will take a little longer. But guess what? These larger jobs still only take three to five days to complete. It really comes down to planning on the contractor’s part and the use of employee installers. 

Employee Installers not Sub-Contractors

Our cabinet work, flooring, and most of our countertop fabrication and installation work is completed by employee installers. We do things differently than the typical contractor. Most contractors do various projects or prefer to do full kitchen remodels where there is more money in the project. We focus on cabinet restyling, flooring, countertops, sinks, faucets, and backsplashes so our employees are not good, but GREAT, at what they do. The typical remodel has up to 7 or 8 sub-contractors all which must be added to the calendar and usually one can’t start until after the other sub-contractor has completed its work. That results in days when no one shows up to the job.  At Kitchen Restylers, we start your job, and we will be there everyday until it is completed. There are no days or weeks waiting for something. The only exceptions for us in that regard are on unique situations or when we make a mistake. 

A Product Warranty is only as Good as the Labor Warranty

We have all heard stories like this many times. The contractor did the work and the homeowner finds a manufacturing defect in a product. Neither the company nor the contractor saw it during the installation process. In most cases, the manufacturer wants to receive the defective product before replacing it. The replacement is sent back to the contractor, who then presents the homeowner with a bill for their time. Wow!

Our suppliers have the same philosophy as we do when it comes to mistakes. They are going to happen every now and then. But it is how they are handled that makes all the difference. Our suppliers trust us to determine if there is a defect and will replace the material prior to us taking anything out. Kitchen Restylers matches the manufacturers warranty with a full labor warranty to cover any expenses associated with a defective product. That’s Peace of Mind! 

The bottom line is, this saves you time and money for essentially the same result. A new look!

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