Kitchen Restylers

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We specialize in Kitchen Renewals!

– You have many options concerning your kitchen upgrade. It makes sense to choose a company that only performs renewals and upgrades. We won’t try to upsell you on an entirely new cabinet system, flooring or other costly remodeling options. Our business is upgrading for a new look to save you time and money!

The bottom line is, this saves you time and money for essentially the same result. A new look!


Make sure the company specializes in kitchens. The typical contractor will perform many different home improvement projects. Meaning, the contractor may be completing an addition to a home this month, next month it is a roofing job, and then maybe a deck. The best way to ensure quality is perform the same type work every week.


Employee installers will provide you with quality workmanship and will go a long way with helping get the job completed on time. There is nothing worse than to be no showed by a sub-contractor. Let’s face it, the contractor doesn’t control the sub-contractors time or the workers associated with the sub-contractor. Employee installers are hired to work every day, and when one is sick, there should be back-up installers. Make sure you ask about the management structure of the contractor you hire. It is ok to ask; any reputable company will be proud to answer questions regarding its business.


A lump sum contract means the contractor is guaranteeing the project can be completed for an exact price. Kitchen remodeling is a relatively small project and a company that specializes in kitchen remodeling will have few surprises on the job. There is nothing worse than having the contractor quote a low price and then start adding fees on after the project is started. The price should be given up-front, well before starting the work.


Ask for the contractor to show proof of their professional insurance. A reputable company will show you proof without you having to ask. But, sometimes even the good ones forget. So, ask to see it! If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can ask to be added as an additionally insured to the company’s policies. The fee can be as little as $15, but this is a small price to know the company is covered, and so are you.


Make sure the company has a written labor warranty as well as the manufacturer’s warranty. This is the oldest trick in the contractor’s book. The homeowner asks about the warranty and the contractor says five years. There is a broken hinge or other issue and you call the contractor. You now learn that the labor only had a ninety-day warranty and it is not covered. And if you had multiple sub-contractors, there may be labor fees for removal of each item, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, or countertops. So, you want to make sure that everything will be taken care of if there is an issue.